We live in interesting times

I had a meeting today - it was actually one relating to the new FireBrick development, and one of the things we were looking at were some of the drawings.

One of the drawings was of a simple plastic cube with some holes drilled in it. I won't bore you with the details of where it goes in the final product...

Well, I could not pass this up, so I opened my laptop, made the object in openscad, and sent to printer.  The design was literally a handful of lines of openscad. It meant that during the meeting we had a prototype of this thing in a matter of minutes. These prototypes can now be checked that they align with the other parts correctly, and tested.

It is an amazing time to be alive when you can do things like that.


  1. Ventilation? The 2700 does get rather warm? External power this time please

    1. It is internal power still but completely new design and should not get anything like as warm.

    2. Pretty sure we've replaced every 2700 power supply we've ever had. Having said that, we've never had to replace a replacement so there is progress :) I always thought they looked a bit like an external PSU but mounted internally.

    3. Sorry to hear that, but the new PSU is a complete redesign with special attention to reliability, and additional options (including automotive 12V, 24V and data centre 48V).

    4. That's good to hear. Power supplies have been the only 'bad' bits about Firebricks in my experience. I don't think we've ever suffered from any software issues since we've been using them for our LNSs. We even run one (with a small number of connections) on beta software and thats been solid too.

    5. The FB6000 series power supplies have proved pretty infallible as well. I do not think we have had one failure, which is how we want it to be with all the products.

  2. "..some holes drilled in it. I won't bore you with the details.."

    badum tshhh

  3. Looks like a heatsink to me as well as a mounting bracket.

    But yes, 3D printing is great for product development. My previous employer when I joined had to wait weeks or months for tooling and protoype casework when I joined. Then it came down to a week when they could use external 3D printing. BeforeI left it was down to however long it took to print in the onsite 3D printer.


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