Friday, 11 December 2009

90% population getting 2M by 2017

WTF is that about. It has to be the biggest cop-out ever and a reason to scrap the 50p tax if ever I heard one.

I am sure more than 90% can get some sort of broadband now.
Simply putting in more lines to anyone that wants 2M will get them 2M.

Job done.

Yes, it would cost a bit more, but most things would and cost was not part of their target.

In fact, I will try and get some stats. If we can do 500K to 90% pop now, I will announce that AAISP has reached the governments target for 2017 already.


  1. I have 4 x 1M = 4M

    Yay! Winner :-)

  2. Not exactly pushing the boat out is it..

    By 2017, by which time most of the developed world will probably be pushing 100mb, we'll - probably - manage 2mb.