Are banks getting worse?

So, I need to get a DD clawed back. Should be simple.

Email addresses for bank manager don't work.

None of the email addresses for any contacts at bank work!

In fact they seem or re-write to barclays.org and then fail as unknown user!

On-line banking has a contact-us form, but that replies with an email saying the service is temporarily unavailable.

So, go in to local branch with a company letterheaded letter containing all the details, signed by me and even with an embossed company seal. The guy on the desk wasn't having any of it because I don't have a PIN for my card (it's chip & signature).

Eventually he gets someone more senior, who does not seem to understand the concept of clawing back a DD. She is like "well, if it went out yesterday it has already happened so nothing we can do".

Eventually after explaining the DD guarantee, she takes it away saying they will sort it.

I can only conclude she found someone with a clue as the money is in the account an hour later.

Why do they make it so hard to contact them?!?!?


  1. err... so that you have something to rant about? ;-)

  2. Banks suck.

    Bring on AABank.

  3. Well, its getting a foot in the door. Understand what the actual rules are and the actual costs. I suspect it is prohibitively expensive to join the club, but I assumed that about being a telco as well, so who knows.

  4. I suspect that like most things, it's really easy to do, just that there are a lot of people who have a vested interest in telling everybody how difficult it is.


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