Tescos being arses again

So my son is refused alcohol again at tescos, even though he ID'd he (he's 19).

This time they refused to sell rather than stole it off him after the sale, but it was close, they pressed a button to cancel the authorisation of the sale on their self service tills just before he put the money in. Yes, they have already authorised it...

However, it will happen again and chances are they will try and steal it off him after the sale again.

He is planned to wear a t-shirt with his name on it when he goes shopping at tescos in future. That way the surveillance video clearly identifies him and is subject to the Data Protection Act and he can request a copy!


  1. Refusing the sale after checking his ID would suggest that either for some reason they don't trust the ID (or it's not one of their 'acceptable forms'), or they're idiots.

    I'd be inclined to write a letter to the store manager, CC'ing the head office customer service team, asking them to clarify why they keep refusing service - might trigger some "staff retraining"...

  2. I would also write a letter to them, and head office. I would also like to know how you get on with requesting a copy of the tape. (Please!)

    as for the Staff training, Make sure you read AJStevens blog - you might not want the training to be done. (http://aj-stevens.blogspot.com/2009/12/tesco-training-staff-using-little.html)

  3. FYI, the story, this time, is that he used the self service checkout, and they checked his ID and that of someone with him and approved it all. They even said to James "I know you're over 18" as they recognised him.

    Then, someone else walking past the tills intervened and asked where the girl that they chatted with earlier had gone. They say she had left a while ago. So he went to look for her in the car park or outside.

    He could not find her and said as they could not prove that she was over 18 they could not have the alcohol.

    So, if you bump in to someone that you know and looks young in tescos you are stuffed for buying alcohol even if they are nowhere around when you do go through the tills.

  4. I have to wonder how restaurants and the like buy wine and beer when they know they could be serving it to someone under 18 with a meal and so are buying it for a minor?

  5. I imagine restaurant suppliers are licensed differently, as they're not selling to consumers.

  6. So, basically tesco don't like James much :(

  7. If you read my blog, you'll see I've had troubles with Tesco staff recently.

    However... if I might play Devil's Advocate for a while, considering the issues with under age drinking and violence that the Police and Emergency services have to deal with, and the lack of proper checks at Supermarkets and Off-Licenses, it's not surprising Tesco are now being a bit anal about it.

    Especially when they can be fined, in the end avoiding a fine is more important that pissing off one customer (and his family).

    Of course frankly, as usual, there's a problem, laws/fines are introduced, company staff jobsworth's enforce it to a "T" and in the end it doesn't help/prevent the problem, just inconveniences the people who weren't a problem!

    I wonder if your son ordered it online and they delivered if they'd refuse to hand it over at the front door?

  8. I was having trouble locating the office/fine for selling the alcohol rather than for buying it, for a minor.

    If they broke the law selling it, then the case of taking it back afterwards (stealing) as previously posted would be an interesting one as their only argument for doing so (that they think it was bought for a minor) would in itself be an admission of guilt (that they sold it to him).


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