Free popcorn at Odeon?

Ok, so me and two kids go to cinema. I get a coffee from the machine and all three of us queue up at the food counter.

The kids order their large popcorn and drinks and then I wave the coffee at the guy and say there is a coffee as well...

So the kids are faffing about - G trying to work out how to carry popcorn and drink with crutches...

I say there's a coffee as well and wave the coffee at the guy again...

Now the kids have got sorted and are moving away and the guy says hang on you have to pay for that!

OK, I am getting a tad miffed at being ignored here, and also the suggestion that the kids would walk off without paying, so I say, in a louder voice, but not really shouting, for the third time there is a coffee as well, please. Yes, I even said "please".

And he says I don't want to serve you now. I think he said I was rude.

WTF! So we have drinks we have started drinking and popcorn we have started eating and he does not want to serve us... So do you want paying for this then? and again he says I don't want to serve you!. OK, so we'll accept your gift of these goods for free, thank you and we walk in to the cinema screen and watch the film.

Crazy people.

Two hours later, on leaving a manager stops me and says I believe there was an altercation over paying for a coffee earlier... So you have changed your mind and want paying now?... Yes, £2.25... OK, here you go, and we left.

I wonder why they did not want paying the £22 for the popcorn and drinks.

Well, I paid the agreed price, so not theft.

Just damn rude ignoring me like that. And, as usual, a total rip off for the food/drink in a cinema. And the popcorn is crap in the Odeon now - it used to be nice when it was UCI when they made it there in a machine but now it just comes in big bags and always tastes stale. The only good point is the coffee from the machine.


  1. Yes, but was that "please" (nicely) or "PLEASE" (through gritted teeth)?

    "The only good point is the coffee from the machine." at least that's all you ended up paying for in the end then!

    You should thank that idiot staff member, thanks to his incompetence at serving and reporting you, they lost out, serves them right frankly.

    I go to Cineworld (formally, UGC, formally Virgin Cinemas, who know what'll it be next month?), and aside from the sneaking increases in monthly subscription, the 3D films suddenly now costing more, and the fact as Unlimited Card holders, we're supposed to get vouchers for food and drink... I've think I've only ever seen one. At least it is unlimited cinema, which looking at the price of adult tickets, I make back watching 21 movies a year, which works out at 1.75 a month. You might says there aren't always two good moves to watch a month, but over the course of a year, I'm sure it's good value. We hit the cinema a lot, least once a week if there's someone to watch.

    Popcorn's alright, they appear to make it onsite... of course they could just be opening bags of popcorn and sticking in the lamp heated "bins" in the counter. Drinks can taste watery, and I wouldn't touch those hairy rotating things behind them (.. ah huh..) I'm told they're hot dogs.

    Anyway, a drink and some popcorn and a bag os sweets, pay, look at your receipt and realise you could get 4 meals at McDonalds next door for the same cost.


  2. Hi Brother - in -law.

    Sounds like a good deal to me, hope you enjoyed the film.

    See you Saturday xxx

  3. "Well, I paid the agreed price, so not theft."

    If that is what your conscience tells you then that is all that matters, right?

  4. Well, my conscience tells me I tried to pay more than once and they refused to take the money, then later they asked for £2.25.

    At the end of the day they were rude in ignoring me, insulting in suggesting my kids were taking food without paying, and rude in refusing to serve me.


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