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Well, nice to see something smart enough to have an Ethernet socket, and actually use it to update it's own software over the internet via it...

Sony BDP-S360 blu-ray player.

Now I'll see if it is any good!

And it did not even get upset at the lack of a 192.168 IP address, though it did show IPs as 3 digits with leading zeros on each part which is a tad weird. Not IPv6 though :-)


  1. My panasonic has that, and not only does it not mind having a real ip, when it was briefly behind NAT, it point blank refused to update.

    Not quite convinced of the point of the online thigns it offers, youtube is no better on a big screen!

  2. Also got a Sony 360 on real IP.

    One thing you'll notice is that Sony's BD-live is excrutiatingly slow. Even if you don't use it, you will find that when inserting a new BluRay disc, the player will 'phone home' to get any updated info about the disc. Since BD-live is so slow it can take 10 minutes before it even shows the disc menu. The first time this happened I thought the disc was duff.

    Ethernet connection is now unplugged except to check firmware updates.

  3. We have a satellite box with Ethernet, it does updates, and also offers a web page for setting recordings remotely. Seems happy with either a 192 or real address. Once they get the firmware sorted it is supposed to also stream music & video from my server.


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