Being a meany

OK, I am being mean to South West Trains today. I know. It is wrong....

I got 1st class to Twickenham the other day for the Rugby. 1st is a rip off, and actually I keep forgetting you can upgrade to 1st class for £5 on SWT at the weekends and they never remind me at the ticket office either. Ever since I got quite a big broadband deal from someone I bumped in to in 1st class I tend to get 1st class train tickets. You never know.

Anyway, train packed and so was 1st class and guard announced that 1st class had been declassified and all seats were standard class. Explains why 1st class was packed. Annoying, as the whole reason for getting 1st was because the train would be packed and I was prepared to pay extra not to be crammed in. The one time you actually want exclusivity that they decide to let everyone in 1st class!

So I write explaining as per terms that I am entitled to a refund in price difference as no 1st class available.

I eventually get a reply providing vouchers for the difference as a good will gesture!!!

Here is the mean bit. I have written back explaining that a good will gesture is nice, and thank you, but that does not discharge contractual obligations and I await my refund as per the contract terms in addition to any good will gestures.

Maybe it was the 14 hour fasting for a blood test this morning that has put me in a mean mood.



  1. Would that be the fasting that is no longer necessary?


  2. Go you! You will tell us if they give you the refund, won't you.

    And blood tests are to be avoided at all cost - whatver the outcome they'll just tell you to cut out the cider and crisps.

  3. Ah, they are sending a cheque now.

    Though they are confused as they seem to think it is in fact valid to issue rail vouchers for a refund even though section 27 of the terms says otherwise.

    They also seem confused between a good will gesture and a refund as per the terms.

    Anyway, off to catch a train now (and use the vouchers).


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