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Just when you thought you had heard it all.

Our favorite telco now have a department for ISPs to advise of major incidents in their network. It has taken around 9 years of nagging to get them to realise that they need such a department; that ISPs can sometimes spot major issues; and that they don't always spot them themselves.

That department has a phone number and email address.

However, if you email them details of an issue they will deliberately ignore the email as a matter of policy.

You have to call them to tell them you are sending an email!

So even if they have information detailing a major network incident, and even if it is from a known ISP with complete details of the issues, they will pretend they cannot see it and pretend all is well with the network. They won't even just go and look and see if maybe it is broken where we say it is.

How's that for a communications company?


  1. Perhaps they thought that you'd write a 'bot which would email them automatically, and they don't want to do anything unless an actual person is involved?
    They probably don't trust technology! :-)

  2. Well, I did consider a bot to call them and play a message asking them to check their email...

  3. Do it, do it! "This is AAISP. Your network is broken. Press 1 to have us email you the details."

  4. That's ridiculous... seems like playground behaviour (obviously, hence the blog post title), let's see.. what was the usual response... a punch in the arm I think? Now.. what would be the modern day ISP to ISP equivalent?

    Perhaps you should tell them, you'll ignore their email invoices, unless someone calls YOU first?

    I agree with Poggs, definitely make that call bot, but don't have the option of pressing 1, just say something like
    "This is Andrews & Arnold, the ISP. We will now email you about a problem with your network, please see to it. Ref #####" *hangup* *send email Ref #####*


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