Arrrg! Orange

OK, so if you don't pay your bill the block calls, fair enough.

To be fair the bill was not paid. It did not arrive and we did not notice, so when the next bill arrives saying we did not pay last month, I pay the total immediately. Cleared funds in their account. Sorted, or so I thought.

Yet 4 days later and they are blocking the phone from making calls.

How hard is it to process payments. We (A&A) do them the day they arrive, and it annoys me that we don't process them until late at night. We'd like to see payments as they come in. They must get the BACS files, so why delay a few days before processing them? It makes no sense.

What really pisses me off even more than their inept payment processing is we spent about ten minutes going through menus to talk to someone to find why they had not sorted this and processed the payment only to finally get to the point of being transferred to a customer service operator and it says "sorry, calls from this phone are barred" and hangs up. WTF!!!!

Well, we'll ditch them next month I expect...

Oh, and we had asked them several times, including a written letter to put that phone on the same account as the others so we don't have this hassle, and they ignore us - so it's all their fault anyway... Grrr.

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