Call themselves a communications company

What sort of total bloody idiots actively ignore communications?

Our favourite telco have changed their systems now so that when we update a fault they say Please note only the parameters "CP contact & access details, hazard notes, and appointment info" will be actioned.

I.e. they are now ignoring the note deliberately.

This applied even when the note we are adding is "The fault appears to be fixed so you can close it now".

Sounds like time to make our system automatically email our account team every update.


  1. How about putting the notes in the hazard notes field? Hopefully health and safety would mean it'd be too dangerous for them to ignore that ;-)

  2. Yeh, wondered about that. Could be fun.

    For now the system emails a polite email asking our account manager to update the fault with "the following notes" which seem to have been ignored...

    They will hate that, but what else can you do.

    If they don't like that, maybe I just do a letter for each, put all in one envelope at the end of the day and send to their registered office...

  3. How big is 'appointment info'? Arguably, information about the fault is relevant to any engineer appointment.


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