Banning anti-virus code?

OK, not saying who, but we are looking at a contract for IP transit which says, amongst other things that we cannot transmit any virus or other computer software designed to impede the operation of ... any computer software or hardware...

Is it me, or does that mean we cannot send/receive anti-virus software as anti-virus software is specifically designed to impede the operation of other software (the virus)!

It also means we can't transfer code for our firewall products as firewalls specifically stop communications and so impede all sorts of software.

They also ban anything that is otherwise objectionable which is rather extreme. I can see this blog being banned on that basis :-)

All good fun.


  1. Yeah but they probably DO mean to actually ban most anti-virus software because most of it is crap.

  2. Are you sure this is a contract? It looks suspiciously like the 'pass something vague and let the courts sort it out' laws which have been inflicted on us by the government recently. ;-)

  3. I think you should ensure this applies equally in the other direction - IP transit that protects you from viruses :)


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