You gotta love camera phones

Just bought a motherboard/package which claimed to have 3x 3GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM.
I did not immediately spot that 3GB sticks do not exist, doh, but equally it could be 3 channels of 3GB I am sure (2GB+1GB stick in each channel).

Yes, well, it turns out to be be 3x 2GB RAM, so 6GB not 9GB, making it not such a good deal.

Went back to shop, and took a nice picture of the display card http://k.gg/7978653 and then queried it. Obviously card removed very quickly and shop not prepared to fix.

OK, its a crap picture, but it was easy to take discretely, well, a lot more discrete than my 1D :-)

Sounds like letter to head office advising of a breach of contract. We'll see if we get 3x1GB RAM sticks...

Daft thing is I can honestly say I did not realise it was a mistake until we were driving away, so I was not trying to rip them off and exploit a mistake.


  1. I bet the card has e&oe on it somewhere.

    They will manage to squirm out of it.

    Is it one of the DSG clones?

  2. The mobo does actually work. Nice buying a package where mobo, CPU, heat-sink and RAM all installed and tested. Takes out most of the fiddly bits of building a machine. WoW works, which is the main thing. Just need more RAM to be "as described" :-)

  3. I see no E&OE on that card. I would put E&OE if it was me :-)

  4. but with your 1D you could have taken it from 200 yards away...

  5. Yeh, I vaguely recall arguing with Dixons once. I think we were just trying to get our money back that time when something was not as described. I took the 1D with me and was told I can't take pictures in the shop (fair enough) so I stepped outside the door and took a picture with the long lens and stepped back in to the shop.

    I pointed out that unless he was planning to lie about what the shelf card said why was there a problem?

    I seem to recall we did get our money back.

  6. Am I being harsh with novatech?

    TBH it is a tricky one. Running a company I know mistakes can be made and as a company we try and stick by what we say even then, i.e. try and do the right thing.

    In this case neither myself nor my son realised that the product did not have 9GB. It is a plausible, if unusual, amount of memory to fit and AFAIK can be done. 3 memory lanes could have a 1GB and 2GB. I think that mobo has the slots to do that.

    We genuinely thought we were getting 9GB for that price and it was the fact there was so much memory that made it a "Great deal" as the card describes it. So only getting 6GB leaves us both feeling cheated.

    Had it said something obviously wrong, like 6000GB RAM, that would be a different matter, but it didn't. It said something believable. That is what makes the difference in this case, IMHO.

    We'll see how they react.

  7. 9GB wouldn't be at all unusual if you work with the current generation of HP DL-3xx servers. Most packages come with 3GB or 6GB base and expand in 3/6/12/24GB steps.

  8. well, I guess they suspected you tried to pull a fast one by swapping the ram before returning. However I take the view the customer is always right so they should have gave you the benefit of the doubt especially when ram now days is dirt cheap. Clearly not been tested by them very well otherwise they would have noticed the 6 gig on post instead of 9 gig.

  9. The RAM in question is not so cheap, and they did agree their card was wrong (and quickly removed card from display). So not assuming we had pulled it!

    Letter sent!

  10. Hello Brother- in - Law
    Hope you had a good day and not to stressed out.
    Think I am getting used to doing this Blog thing lol
    Oh well mate, catch up soon take care Love Pauline x


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