Ok, I an not some eco nut as you know...

Just saw an advert where the whole point is some shoes use recycled rubber in their soles. And this is meant to be good?

Surely you want new rubber, because that means paying people to plant rubber trees. Is not planting more trees good.



  1. I think the point is that less old rubber is disposed of in landfill, by burning etc.

  2. I like the advert for coffee where they've 'removed 95% of the packaging'.

    They should say 'We've removed all the perfectly good and recyclable glass and replaced it with non-recyclable plastic'.

    OTOH that might not go down so well as an advert :p

  3. I suppose it depends on what rubber they are recycling - natural rubber (e.g. latex) or synthetic rubber from petrochemicals.

    The former would, as you say, be bad and the latter good. Either way it is likely to be more an advertising gimmick than any eco responsibility.


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