Low definition TV

OK, sky please please change the way you do HD channels..

We have HD TVs and HD Sky boxes, several of them in fact. And my eyesight, although clearly not what it was, can see the difference for HD. It looks so much better and there are a lot of HD channels now.

What seems to be the general trend is an HD version of a standard channel that shows the same programs but in HD (where available). Whilst I appreciate not all channels are like that (notably BBC), most are.

So why do I even need Sky-1 (low definition) in the channel list. Surely 106 should just get me Sky-1 and as I have an HD box then it should be Sky-1 (HD)...

Even if this was some option I had to select or something. Even if this only worked for channels that are the same programmes in HD.

Time and time again I come in to the front room and find something on in low def where there is an HD version. My wife, who (sadly) can't tell the difference gets annoyed that I keep changing the channel to HD. I get annoyed that they keep recording programmes in low def.

Of course, by the time Sky realise, my eyesight will not be good enough to tell the difference :-)


  1. There are people who record SD to save disk space.. although that seems to be the wrong answer (1Tb drives aren't particularly expensive and should be standard on SkyHD boxes by now).

    I hate it too. I've at least trained my wife to look at the list of HD channels first.

    You can also use perental control on the SD channels to lock them out, if you're so inclined.

  2. Maybe not replace the channel, but auto-switching to a HD channel when available should be possible, like the 'auto-view' feature.

    Speaking of which, is auto-view not available with Sky+? Sometimes I want more than a reminder but don't want to record. I miss this from standard (non-plus) Sky.

  3. Locking out the SD channels - I had not thought of that - cunning.

    Disk space is not an issue, and if it was I'd fit a bigger disk obviously... But if Sky were concerned over that then when you record offer a choice of SD or HD with HD as the default.

  4. I wish Virgin would do the same, especially as the HD versions of a channel are sometimes pages away from the SD version.


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