Maybe they are getting ready for IPv6

[another techie one, Pauline]

To my surprise the Canon 1D X is using EPRT and EPSV on FTP for file upload. Whilst these work for IPv4, they are extra commands designed primarily to support IPv6 addressing. So maybe that is on the cards. I may have to pester them.

However, I was impressed with what it does do, albeit on IPv4, when I was packet dumping.

Set to upload images as taken, and connected to Ethernet. Fair enough.

Press button half way to focus, and WTF?!? - it connects to FTP, logs in, sets image type I, and holds control TCP connection open... When I then press all the way to take the picture it sends it. If I release focus it quits the FTP and closes.

So yes, it is pre-empting my picture taking by starting the FTP process on the focus, and thus minimising any delay in getting images transferred.

That is impressive! That is some attention to detail... Well done Canon.

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