Surprisingly easy jet!

So, we flew EasyJet to Rhodes. There are only a few airlines direct to Rhodes and they appear to all be "holiday" airlines. This is flights that don't have business class or first class even if you wanted them, and we figured they were much the same as each other. Previously flying Monarch was a nightmare - there was no room for my knees!

Don't you love the diagram of the "brace position" you are meant to adopt - it always assumes there is space to bend forward somehow between the seats. Those were the days.

Anyway, EasyJet allow a "Speedy Boarding" extra cost option, front of the queue boarding. They don't allocate seats. Seems a handful of people had this and we stood up first so were front of the queue.

OK, there appears to be a "super speedy boarding option" if you are a family of 6 with a wheelchair, which was a slight disappointment after standing front of the queue at the plane for 5 minutes, deciding amongst ourselves where we would sit (front row, which we could see) only to have just one too many seats on the front row occupied ahead of us. Oh well.

Anyway, Sandra and I on the front row block of three seats. The rest of the people come on and they board them from the back forwards telling people blocks of rows to pick a seat in. Makes sense as it stops people blocking the aisle. The result was that the last people on the plane were behind us. Even when the final people on the plane were told "any available seat" as there was only one next to us people picked other seats. Ended up with two of us on the front three seats with as much leg room as you could possibly want, and convenient for the toilet (handy, as Sandra is not feeling well).

Knowing not to expect a meal we brought crisps and drinks anyway (bought in departures) so ate and drank when we wanted and what we wanted.

Overall it was better than most business class flights I have taken, which was a bit of a shock. I am sure most of that is luck. We'll see on the way back.


  1. With most easyjet aircraft if you can get the front row on the left (right normally has a wall thing in front of it because it has the galley), or failing that an emergency exit row, you do get a pretty nice amount of leg room.

    Ultimately it comes down to what you expect - if you're prepared for the fact if there's a problem e.g. with the aircraft then they're unlikely to be able to do much about it other than have a very delayed flight while it's fixed, then easyjet are generally fine. While they do charge for baggage etc, they're not as bad as ryanair who I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce a charge for oxygen soon!

  2. Hey welcome to my world of travel cheap and cheerful
    Have lovely time xxxx

  3. I used to do a bit of regular flying from Scotland to Northern Ireland, my final destination being West Donegal in the ROI for which Derry airport is closer. But to get to Derry you needed to fly RyanAir who are just f***ing hellish and I refuse to give Michael O'Leary a penny for his endless underhanded attempts to load on additional costs and generally bend you over a barrell, even right in the airport if your cabin bag is a tiny bit the wrong size and shape.

    Instead I used to fly Edinburgh to Belfast with EasyJet, ok it added an extra hour or so driving time but I always found their staff to be a bit more chilled, fun and less driven to ruin your day. Other folks mileage may vary, but I think EasyJet seem to have gotten the right balance when it comes to low cost flights and I actually feel like a valued customer.

  4. Socks and sandals ... I think you're taking this "Rev" title a bit too seriously! :)

  5. It was luck! When me and Julia flew "easy"jet to come back to the UK last time it, was so awful I nearly booked a new flight back to Sweden so we didn't have to face the horror of Sleasyjet again!


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