Apology to BT

I recently blogged on how migrating an FTTC line had several issues, partly that it costs £50 not a lower figure used for normal migrates, and also that the old ISP is tied to 12 month term at the same time as new ISP.

It seems that in some cases the migration is only costing us £11 not £50, where it is BTW to BTW migration (so no Openreach involvement). This is in line with normal migrations of ADSL where BTW to BTW. The fact that we thought this was £50 was indeed one of our primary complaints, and as that appears to be based on a mistake in our reading of the price list, I do apologise to BT.

We are trying to confirm how we can tell when this applies from the checker. The £50 applies when migration from non BTW FTTC (e.g. direct LLU/GEA FTTC).

Sorry if this sounds a tad technical, though that is part of the problem here :-)

We think that BT are still holding previous ISP to 12 month term even where new ISP takes over the line. If we have that wrong, we are more than happy to apologise for saying that... We're trying to confirm that now as it is not clear.


  1. Clear as mud ....like most BT statements

  2. Clear as mud ....... Like most BT jargon get out of jail free statements.....

  3. You previous thought it was £50? How previously? When I migrated to you from another BTW FTTC line back in April 2012 I was charged £100, which was something of a shock and had to point out to your sales team that it wasn't costing you that and you did kindly refund the difference. Your website though, in my opinion, could still be clearer about the migration costs though as it doesn't list that in your price-list as a separate item (that I could see) so its hard to see up front what this cost might be.

    If you are now only charging £50 I am glad to hear it though after my experience. I don't hold it against you though. Apart from the initial ordering process everything else has so far been exemplary.

    1. For a long time there was no option to migrate at all, and migrating meant a new install, for which we charge £100. I think that was when you must have migrated to us.

      Migrates have come in recently (not sure of exact date) and appear to have two different prices in what we pay BT. Obviously what we charge our customers is down to our price list at the time, and we have added FTTC migration to the web site and updated that so we are now only charging £15.

      We are also working on making the ordering a lot slicker.

  4. Nice to see that at least there is one ISP only charging a migration fee that is proportionate to the fee that BT are charging ISP's now, Hopefully you will start to offer the 1 mth min term contract too someday soon


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