I finally managed to make a new guild on World of Warcraft on the Horde side: AAISP Darkside, on Thunderhorn realm.

Mikey and I have been levelling a Horde character for a while now - as we both only play occasionally, and it is a shame none of that was gaining any guild reputation.

What was annoying is how long it took. They have made it a lot easier - all you need is four signatories, which means separately meeting 4 friends in-game and them clicking OK.

So basically I needed four friends, each with no life or at least prepared to log in for 5 minutes at the same time as me. It has taken me weeks! You can see why this is a questing guild as we would never manage to be logged on at the same time to do any sort of raids.

Anyway, we have me, two staff, two family and one customer in the guild now. Let the fun begin.


  1. Oh you should have said, I could have made an alt on that server to help make the guild. Oh well good luck with it =. For the Horde!

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    1. Light covering of snow late last night, then rain, and nothing now.


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