publicservice.co.uk Break the law: apologise

Bloody junk callers.

Just had a bunch called publicservice.co.uk call me - well, call the office insisting on talking to the director.

Googling while on the call I realise that it is a scam trying to sell me the opportunity to contribute to an article - for a large fee.

I had to ask him "are you trying to sell me something" several times, and then "will anything in this call lead me to have to pay you money" which finally got a "well yes".

I then had to explain that unsolicited marketing calls to numbers listed in the TPS are a criminal breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications regulations.

He apologised for that - and tried to carry one selling me stuff.

Why do people think that simply apologising is sensible - I mean, its like someone breaks in to a house, and gets confronted and they just apologise for breaking the law and carry on.


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  1. Ah - Public Service : http://blog.rac.me.uk/2012/07/25/avoid-public-service-events-hard-sell-unsolicited-calls/ .


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