Use the force

We are moving around the office, and making a bigger open plan area for the main customer facing team.

But really, one should not have to use a cold chisel to lift carpet tiles! They have been stuck down using really strong glue. Apparently carpet tiles should not really be stuck down anyway, they should be movable if needed. This looks like someone has poored blobs of evostick on the concrete floor and put the tiles on top.


  1. You do have to glue them down hard on datacentre flooring though because otherwise when you use a carpet tile lifter you'd pull up the carpet and leave the floor tile behind!

    Perhaps someone forgot what was underneath.

    1. Same problem - we even had the glue get into the gaps between the floor tiles requiring more than a lifter to get them up!

  2. The people who put in the carpet tiles at my old workplace also glued them down.

    I carpet tiled our office at home and just put them down, none have moved or come up.. not sure why people need to glue them.

  3. I can only guess you chaps have never been to a riotous ceilidh on a carpet-tiled floor where the tiles were not glued in position.

    Injuries result and the sound of ambulance-chasers is never far away (sadly).


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