Thar's your problem

You pay plumbers and heating engineers to sort why the heating is not working properly, and they fail to find the cause, and charge anyway, and fit an isolation value because something is losing pressure somewhere.

As always it is a matter of doing it yourself. Well done Andrew and Lee.

Who the hell fixes an underwater piping problem with a cheap plastic push-fit connector.

And, of course, it is under the nice new carpet tiles. Fortunately that is going to be a small job for them to re-do for us.

So, finally, we should be able to move people in next week. Somehow staff prefer it when we can heat the room they are working in :-)


  1. Come work with me free heating lots of shite to put up with minimum wage but still I'm warm xxxx

  2. Our office doesn't even have central heating whatsoever, the boiler has been removed. Instead we use the heat output from the datacentre downstairs to keep the office warm - makes no sense to pay lots to cool a datacentre, and lots to heat an office...


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