Now OFCOM ignore the PECR

Seriously, what the hell is the point in that law?
  • The law says that for a corporate registration in the TPS we have to be sent an annual reminder.
  • We were not sent an annual reminder (the TPS admit this).
  • So the law was broken.
  • As a result I did not know if still listed so I had to contact the TPS to confirm.
  • Contacting the TPS has costs in paper, ink, envelope, postage and my time.
  • Those costs were a result of the breach of not sending a reminder.
  • The law says I am entitled to claim my costs for a breach.
OFCOM think otherwise, and keep telling me they will not even reimburse my postage, and every letter they send I send another back which increases the costs I am claiming.

I wonder if I need to sue OFCOM now. Probably safer to sue the TPS.


  1. Would you mind sharing your costs in a matter like this? - I'm in an ongoing battle with OpenReach regarding my instructions that I wanted to be on site during dig work which they ignored. I'm about to go to CISAS and am trying to come up with sensible costs and compensation.

    1. All I asked for was the cost of postage and paper. Yes, I sent recorded delivery but was only a few quid.

  2. Will you be able to add the costs spent on claiming your original costs if you have to sue? I thought you can't claim that in the small claims track which this would presumably fit in.

  3. Is it the TPS or Ofcom who are required to send the reminder?

    It could be worse, I got to the office on Wednesday to find paperwork confirming the company's switch to Unicom as the PSTN provider, on a 3 year contract. Pretty poor prices, too, and they have a lousy online reputation - at least it seems I caught it in time to cancel!

    Come to think of it, I haven't seen a TPS registration reminder there either - I'll check if the lines are still registered.


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