Turing test

I was intrigued by the news of something passing the Turing test today.

Convincing people that you are a person when you are a machine is not easy.

But convincing a machine you are a person when you are is also not easy. I mean seriously, WTF ?

When a machine can pass a captcha like that, I'll side with Turing on this one.

[update] Oddly, when scaled down and blurry I can almost read digits now! Even so, it is meant to be "two words"?!


  1. It annoys me that recaptcha was once a task to transcribe books has turned into "help google transcribe their streetview" :(

  2. One day, "prove you're not a robot" will be recognised as the hateful biochauvinism that it is.

  3. If CAPTCHAs get any harder to read, there'll be a roaring trade in automated tools for decoding them ... I've seen plenty lately which I struggle to read myself!

    Google's ReCAPTCHA used to use pairs of words, one of which was already known as a 'control'; getting that one right was taken as an indication your interpretation of the other would also be correct. I suspect once that became known, it was too easy to identify that word and enter junk for the other, defeating the purpose - so now they'll rely on consensus alone.

  4. Anyone know of a web based chat bot or a version you can download yourself. Have an asterisk box with voice recognition enabled and feed it into the chat bot. Have the output fed through text to speech and play it back to the caller. Would make an ideal system to transfer unwanted sales calls to and you could record it for future amusement.

    1. I wonder if the old 'stroppy' chatbot is still in existence.. I'd love to be able to automatically abuse junk callers :p

    2. Replying to myself.. yes it is, but it's in an obsolete language.. https://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/projects/poplog/packages/current/teaching/lib/stroppy.p

      Prizes for converting to something compilable..

  5. I quite like Rackspace's Kitten Auth solution for this reason (yes I work for them): https://plus.google.com/+GinaTrapani/posts/a3sjSggaTYS

  6. captchas have clearly gone too far when humans cant read them, I had to get an admin to manually register me on his site as he refused to turn it off on his registration page. I simply could not read and pass the captcha.


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