Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Slightly worrying news about my father, who is going in to hospital to have a procedure that involves stopping his heart, and then starting it again to get it to beat properly.

I know nothing of the medical procedure, but it does sound an awful lot like the sort of thing we do in IT.

Anyway, I hope it all goes well and he feels a lot better after a reboot. Maybe they should install linux at the same time :-)

Get well soon Dad.


  1. Wow, imagine the uptime statistics he's losing...

    1. Proper LOL at that - good one. I'll have to explain uptime stats to him now :-)

  2. Probably best you do it after the reboot else he'll not want to lose them!

  3. Elective cardioversion for atrial fibrillation I presume? Generally very safe and the heart only "stops" for a few seconds, stunned is a closer term really.

  4. Just be grateful he is in the hands of skilled doctors, not BT Openreach!
    All joking aside, I wish him well and very much hope all goes to plan.


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