Barclays, you arseholes!

So, apart from everything else they have done (including wiping the iPhone app settings for online banking), they have now screwed me over for several grand.

OK, I'll get it back, the people in question are nice guys, but this is so retarted that I don't know quite what to say.

I paid the air-con people via on-line banking using a pin-sentry and debit card, all good stuff. I went through the steps, clicked OK, etc, and realised that the balance had not changed. Odd.

So I checked, and no pending transfers. I assumed I must have missed an error.

So I tried again and it warned that there is already a payment for the same details. So I cancelled.

I have waited all day, and checked with the recipient, and no money arrived, so I paid yet again. This time I spotted the message on the final screen.

"The payment has been delayed because of manual checking"

OK, maybe, just maybe, that is not totally daft, but really, I used a pin sentry and everything. Why faff about. But assuming that is OK, where is the payment. And why has the manual checking not finished yet and the payment gone already?

It is not listed on my account. It is not in the pending/recent payments. It is invisible. If I could see it as a "pending checking" payment I would not have done a second one!!!

Now, I assume, both payments will go through and I will have to ask nicely for one to be sent back.

Why the hell can you not get a bank that just damn works!

Update: Arrrrg!They have blocked on-line banking now. They called from a withheld number to ask person details. Now calling back and has taken 4 minutes to get as far as being in a damn queue.


  1. Other than being really stupid having transactions that can be hidden from you...
    HSBC recently sent me new T&C which detailed new procedures to "claw back" accidental payments.
    Probably easier just to get the aircon company to just return it to you though. I spent 44 minutes waiting to speak to someone when I called Barclays (although that last call was 2 years ago).

  2. I recall getting a letter from their card fraud department a few years ago regarding a suspicious transaction. The printing and paper were of such poor quality (their own logo had visible JPEG artifacts!) that I thought "oh dear, phishing has reached snail mail" before binning it. Needless to say, it turned out to be genuine. (Card details cloned by the waitress in a restaurant near work.) On the bright side, they did reverse the fraudulent transaction quite promptly with minimal fuss.

    I've seen similar irritation with online payments of my two credit cards: it can take several days before the transaction is visible at all on the account end, except for a drop in the "funds available" figure corresponding to the pending amount.

    Time for RevBank perhaps?

  3. Their online banking system has a HORRIBLE misfeature too, of autofilling details INCORRECTLY.

    When loading money into paypal from the bank (I refuse to let paypal have a DD mandate for obvious reasons, I trust them as far as I can throw their HQ).. you enter the account number and sort code, and Barclays autofills it with the incorrect 'account holder' name (I can't remember the exact form but I think it has whitespace whereas the actual account DOESN'T) and there's NO way to override it, it pops up one of those horrible Javascript things over the top saying "Do you wish to accept the autofilled information". If you click NO, it blanks EVERYTHING leaving you to start over. If you click YES, the transaction will fail due to incorrect data.

    That and the REALLY annoying 'this site uses cookies' banner that claims you'll only see it once. Which you see EVERY single time you log in.

  4. Barclays online banking is terrible, loading money to paypal (I refuse to let them have a DD mandate for obvious reasons), their system will autofill the account holder details from the account number/sort code provided. It autofills them INCORRECTLY, thus causing the transaction to fail. And no, you can't edit the field, the very moment it's filled, a javascript 'window' appears over the top allowing you to accept them (Yes) which will then fail, or reject them, which will clear the *entire* form leaving you to start over.

    That and the 'this site uses cookies' banner that assures you you'll only see it once, but you see it every single time.

    I know what causes this, it's having javascript from some completely different domain blocked using NoScript. If I allow it, the banner goes away. But for some reason, call me paranoid, I don't like enabling javascript from completely random domains on my online banking!

  5. I have a tame banker living next door who can tick all the right boxes and the Rev can cope with the tech but we need 5Mega Euros to get off the ground - maybe time for the mummy of all Kickstarters?

  6. Ack, double post. Silly Silly firefox (I can't possibly admit guilt)


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