SatPhone (Callmonitor Ltd)

I now have a working Iridium SIM from SatPhone (Callmonitor Ltd).

What a difference!

We ordered via on-line chat, with an emailed confirmation I had to complete (took a few seconds). The SIM was activated for us, and was biked over. They sent confirmation of order. They sent confirmation of SIM and number and so on. They use a courier with real-time tracking of the bike. They even had my POD in my email from the courier before I had walked back in to my desk with the SIM. The SIM just works.

They have the same package for a similar price, but apparently they send a proper VAT invoice in GBP and then DD the amount they invoice. What a novel idea!

Overall I have to say very slick indeed. Well done.


  1. So how much ARE they charging then? Because the satphone web site seems to list everything in dollars also -- so what do they charge in GBP?

    (Why does everyone list in dollars anyhow, Iridium is an English company right? And it's a UK provider, so surely they should just show uk pricing to start with...)

  2. Hi, Satphone here! For the unlimited plan we charge $150 per month (ex vat)

    We convert to GBP using the prevailing rate at time of billing. The invoice is in GBP but shows the USD/GBP exchange rate used and payment is by UK direct debit in GBP.

    Almost all satellite airtime is priced in USD. Even Inmarsat the British FTSE250 operator prices in USD and even reports in USD (Iridium is American).

    We can quote tariffs in GBP but it will only push up the cost by the time we add a margin for the currency risk so the USD tariff best for most users.


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