Making a start

Well, making a start on the garage. New dis board, and air-con installed.

We still need to clear the place properly and get it back to a bare shell, then we need a window bricked up and the floor leveled. Sounds like it may be end of the year before the builders can come in, which is disappointing.

I am starting to formulate some ideas for layout though, and looks like I should be able to do a small sink area for kettle and toaster as well.

I also think a sofa-bed now that James has moved back in and the guest room is his.

So, making a start :-)


  1. Those distribution boards look rather messy. The ones I wire up come out considerably neater than that. I particular note the MCBs are at odd angles in the row. The neutral and earth wiring looks a bit spaghetti like also, this usually means they had no real plan. I have places where neutral is run, places where live is run etc, all planned a bit like building a network switch rack.

  2. And as I said on FB, you've not been left much room in the CU for expansion either.

  3. And having looked closer, what the hell are they doing using brown/black/grey cable with black going to earth and grey going to neutral? Where is the earth wire in that cable? If you are using any brown/black/grey, it should be triple and earth ie. has an earth in addition to the three colours. Those cables look like flex to me, and there should not be an flex in the consumer unit.

    It's workmanship like this that makes me continue doing my own electrics.

    1. They aren't flex though, that's SWA I think, what looks like white is the inner insulation, and they've used the 3-phase colours for single phase. Though personally I'd have used (and sleeved) the grey as earth, as at least the colours would be closer to normal (alebit split between the new and old colours for cable!).

    2. *additional* if those are SWA, why the hell are they using a plastic insulated board.

    3. Those are the new air-con spurs (external cable).

    4. Looks like they've correctly (but messily) re-identified the black as green yellow, and the grey as blue, using tape. It does make me wonder if the armour's earthed though.

      While the board looks a bit of a mess for a new install, it's clear they've had to work with the existing wiring (note the old colours).

      The top half of the board looks much neater than the bottom half, it looks like it replaced the original.

      All in all it's easy to poke holes in other peoples' work, but electrically that looks ok* to me, just aesthetically displeasing.

      *subject to that cable that may, or may not be SWA being terminated correctly, remember it's technically acceptable to use an earth clamp round the armour and forgo the gland entirely!

  4. I still don't like the higgledy piggledy odd angles all the MCBs are mounted at. Is that now standard practice? If nothing else it will make the case front hard to put on, and gives a bad impression.


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