Out of action

Gastroenteritis, diarrhea, fever, shivers, cold sweats. stomach cramps, headache, for 3rd day now.

I am only really feeling up to posting a blog post now. I did not even check emails on Monday.

And paracetamol every 4 hours finally started keeping the fever in check, except I can't take more that 8 in 24 hours, arrrrg! Ibuprofen was not doing anything for the fever. I ended up having cool baths to get my temperature down. Thankfully the Imodium was working for about 8 hours at a time.

So, sorry if anyone has been trying to get in touch with me this week. I'm off work tomorrow anyway but should be able to catch up a bit if I am feeling better. Right now I am dosed up enough to just be a bit light headed and uncomfortable, which is about the best I have felt all week.

It seems to be going round, but has hit me rather hard.

At least it did not happen whilst on holiday.

Update: Thursday, and some real signs of recovery - light headed and a headache but no fever all night. This has been a hell of a long week.

OK, fever lasted 3 days, diarrhea lasted 6 days, slight headache and occasional cold sweat lasted all 7 days. I think I am over it, and am going to work Monday.

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  1. Have you worked out where you were slipped the lethal dose? Or have you been experimenting with your culinary skills again? :P
    Get better soon :)


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