Droney McDroneface: Day 4 (I passed!)

Well, day 4 is a half day, and we covered a bit on human factors, a planning exercise, and THE TEST!

This is the theory part, and I am pleased to say I passed. The questions were very easy, but a couple I was unsure of as I felt more than one answer may be valid. As it happens I got 5 wrong, and they will let me know which of these next week when the send the certificate. I can think of at least 2 I was really unsure of, but 5 is actually a lot worse than I expected, it means I only scored 91%. Pass level is 70%, so perfectly good, but I am kicking myself anyway, sorry.

The next steps are that I need to practice flying a bit, and we need to make an operational manual. Then I can book in for a practical in a few weeks. Right now I would not pass that, but in a few weeks with a few hours practice, I don't expect it to be too hard.

What I did see is at least three errors in the questions, which I noted :-) They kept referencing Kelvin metres not kilometres.

The good news is Alex passed too, same score.

P.S. Revised (audited) result, I got 94.6%

P.P.S. I now know the 3 questions I got wrong. One was bang to rights, I forgot wind is described by the direction it comes from (bloody stupid system). One question was ambiguous and I did know the answer if only I had understood what they meant by the question. One question did not list any one right answer as all answers were dependant on other factors - I picked one of the valid answers but not what was expected. I hope the improve the test.

P.P.P.S. Seems I actually got one other question wrong too, but I answered as per the course. I.e. the course was wrong, in that it asked the baseline number of satellites in US GPS system, and I answered 24. Apparently as of June 2011 it is 27.


  1. Well done RevK, looking forward to the 'practice'

  2. "Alex passed too, same score."

    Were you sat next to each other? ;-)

    1. Yes, but how is that relevant?

    2. Well obviously you used a drone with camera (illegal within that distance to people) to copy each other's answers!

      Well done Rev and Alex! When do we get drone inspections of cabinets for FttC?


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