The Hangover, Part 50?

A couple of my long (suffering) friends have agreed to be best men at my wedding blessing / renewal of vows later this month. Thank you Mike and Simon.

I know this is payback big time for the fact Sandra and I got married in a register office 25 years ago... Be warned anyone else doing that! But it will be a nice event and I am looking forward to it.

Now, when it is a wedding blessing a "stag night" in any traditional sense does not really seem right. But we did wonder about doing somethings, and then we realised (a) Simon was 50 a week or two ago, and (b) Simon has never ever been to Vegas!

So, the three of us, are off to LA then Vegas shortly, for a week. It seems they have what they are calling a heat wave and temperatures are forecast for something like 42℃.

Vegas is a challenge, it is a strange place. I once went during Halloween, and that was doubly strange.

We know that what happens in Vegas stays in vegas, apart from STDs and tattoos, and we have no intention of getting close to either!

Hopefully it will be fun. It may be a tad hot, but they have air conditioning, and we are all a bit old now :-)

I'll post pictures, I am sure.

What could possibly go wrong?

Update: Pictures here http://e.gg/e460


  1. Interesting - to me, at least - was the very public promotion of prostitution in Las Vegas (cards handed out on the street without discretion, signs on vans driving down the strip, as in your photo) when, as I understand it, prostitution is not lawful in Vegas. But no sign of fear / subversive behaviour by those involved, so seemingly accepted if not actually lawful. But is lawful not too many miles away.

    1. Most of the las vegas strip is not in las vegas though, but in Paradise. Paradise being an unincorporated town, I suspect their vice laws are not the same as those covering vegas. ICBW. IANAL.

  2. Does anyone know Mike Tyson's address?


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