360 degree images

I wondered how you make one, and I googled, and the advice was to use the Google Streetview App.

So I had a go - here is the video

This is what the image looks like flat!

And this is what it looks like on Facebook

P.S. Yes, that video, I know. I should have pointed it so I was in the middle, and should not have had auto focus, especially when the microphone was sat on the camera and pics up the focus motor noise. It was done badly and I was buggered if I was going to do all that again. I hope it conveys the message though...


  1. Out of interest, why do you have two clocks next to each other showing the same time?

    1. I have four clocks and they show the same time (360 view means separate images a few seconds apart). They were to be sort of world clocks or at least New York, Paris, Peckham. But the radio clocks did not allow me to set time zone. Anyway, now they show where we have offices/kit so London, Bracknell, Binfield, and Abergavenny which happen to all be the same time zone. It is decoration like MTAC and the Man Cave sign and the WoW picture... :-)

    2. > now they show where we have offices/kit ... which happen to all be the same time zone

      Heh! Brilliant :)

    3. Ha I came here to ask this! I like the reintended purpose

  2. Didn't realise Google had a streetview app. I've always used an app called '360' to do these shots.

  3. Have a look at Cardboard Camera, This adds the 3d info to a 360 image.

  4. The other thing to make sure that you are rotating around the axis of the camera rather around you.

  5. Audio on this new series of videos makes for very hard listening, consider an external mic?

  6. http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/gear-360/ are rather neat for 360° videos. No need to swivel on a stick, just place and shoot.


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