WoW IPv6

Having chased this as an ISP, we finally got someone in Blizzard who fixed their IPv6 issues.

It sounds like the front line people had no clue, closing faults as "resolved" even admitting it was not actually resolved.

Even though supposedly passing the issue on and the fact this is subject of several forum posts in US and EU, nothing happened.

Finally got someone in their ops, and he not only sorted the issue but set up the peering for us too. He did so in 3 hours of my email.

It feels like we could have sorted weeks ago if the right people had realised.

But good, once again IPv6 is working on Blizzard, and we have direct peering on IPv4 and IPv6 to Blizzard for A&A now. All the better for low latency on our services which have good low latency in the first place.

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  1. Have you suggested they implement 'Shibboleet' ?



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