Feiyu MG V2 3 axis gimbal

I have concluded that video cameras are a problem - you either need a tripod, and then you need a fluid head to get anything reasonable, or you need a trolly or a something, and for hand held you absolutely need a 3 axis gimbal. On their own a video camera will always look rather amateur.

So, having got a video camera I looked at reviews and prices and decided to get the Feiyu MG V2 3 axis gimbal from Wex Photographic.

The instructions were clear, and balancing the camera was also very easy, surprisingly so.

It comes with a hard case for transport.

It can be assembled for one handed use...

Or, for two handed...

In fact it can be used in a variety of ways.

(Thanks to Lewis, age 4, for taking those pictures for me)

I am amazed at the difference it makes, and here we come to something that really needs a video, so here it is. The first part is with the gimbal, and the second is all hand held. Lewis has a go at both, but unfortunately his arms are a bit short to stop the gimbal hitting his chest and so he is a bit jerky. Even so, compare to Lewis hand held with no gimbal at the end. Sick bags available in the foyer.

P.S. the hand-held was using the image stabiliser that is built in to the camera even...


  1. An impressive difference.

    *sees £649 price tag*

    1. Yeh, but actually not bad compared to many others that I looked at.

    2. There are cheaper ones for holding your iPhone :-)

  2. I hope you have planning permission for all those air source heat pump compressors! ;)


    1. That page seems to be all about "microgeneration", which is nothing to do with out air-conditioning units as far as I am aware. Local council planning department are well aware that we have air conditioning units as they were also part of signing off the garage conversion. So I think you are just trying to wind me up - well done.

    2. Not at all. I have aircon myself, although only one unit thus far.

      As that page states, until Dec 2011 all ASHP (yours and mine are air to air and operate as air con as well as heating, hence heat pump) needed planning permission.

      It was changed as part of the governments renewables strategy, because being electric powered and ~350% efficient (pumping heat not creating heat) they can be "low CO2", whereas gas definitely means burning fossil fuels and storage heaters are much less efficient.

      As such, you can now have one ASHP as permitted development:

      "Only the first installation of an air source heat pump would be permitted development, and only if there is no existing wind turbine on a building or within the curtilage of that property. Additional wind turbines or air source heat pumps at the same property requires an application for planning permission."

      It was actually relaxed to encourage Air to Water ASHPs - these also attract RHI subsidies. But it does allow air to air.

      The council likely don't care, as you've discovered. Modern ASHPs are so quiet the chances of complaints are near zero.


      Glass G, section G.2.A:

      (a)in the case of the installation of an air source heat pump, the development would result in the presence of more than one air source heat pump on the same building or within the curtilage of the building or block of flats;

      You are only allowed 1.

    3. Also see here:


      "Planning Permission for air conditioning units.

      Planning permission used to be commonly required for nearly all forms of air conditioning equipment. The main concerns of planning authorities was around the noise and external appearance of the air conditioning condenser units.

      However, new rules came into force in December 2011 regarding planning permission for domestic air source heat pumps (i.e. air conditioning units) installations. These new rules mean planning permission is no longer an issue."

      It's by virtue of that 2011 act that you have permitted development rights for the first compressor - if your argument is that aircon is not micro-generation (which you're right, it isn't, but it is an ASHP, and no ASHP generates electricity, so none are micro-generation, so why does the legislation mention them?) then you actually need PP for all of them.

      It's a stupid rule, as replacing the 3 compressors with one large compressor in a "multi split" system would be allowed...


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