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My recipe tips have been few and far between, I know.

So, my latest tip is that Cathedral City cheese have launched a number of nice frozen meals, via Iceland (and I don't know if others). What makes them special is they are normal things, like "Mac 'n' Cheese" or "Lasagne", or "Cheesy bites". Meals that are common and where the "cheese" is usually somewhat "incidental". But they have made them where the cheese is their distinctive Cathedral City cheese and so made that the key feature of the meal. And it so works, and makes them so nice.

I am impressed. They are really nice. The "Mac'n'Cheese", and "Mac'n'Cheese with bacon", especially so. The lasagne seems lacking in meat, but I have only tried one so far, so we will see. The cheesy bites are what they say, and lovely.

But there is, perhaps, a trick they are missing, or those buying these meals may be missing, so this is my recipe tip...


Oh my! The "Mac'n'Cheese" but with Marmite. I don't know what to say. That is amazing! Really. This is food heaven. ★★★★★★ out of 5 stars. What can I say?

(Thanks Ruth for suggesting it, and no idea how I did not work that out for myself, and thanks to my wife Sandra for making it).


  1. You never cease to amaze me :P :)

    On another note, have you enabled IPv6 on Starlink yet? It’s been available for about a week now in the UK.

    1. I have not seen it (ie not got an address), but do you have to “enable it” somehow. I’ll look.

    2. SLAAC on the WAN and DHCP client to get your LAN allocations.

    3. Indeed, and SLAAC has reported managed/other for a long time, i.e. no prefix on SLAAC, but then failed to answer any DHCPv6. To double check I just put my iPhone on, and did not get any IPv6. Where you are does an iPhone on Starlink WiFi get an IPv6?

    4. I see, I only enabled SLAAC on the WAN this week in order for the routing to work.

      I saw the DHCPv6 allocation and then started to investigate to get it fully working.

    5. Just to be clear, Starlink is in bypass mode and I'm using my own router.

    6. Indeed, me too. But even just putting my iPhone on the Starlink side via my own AP, I don't see IPv6 on the iPhone.


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