Recording multiple cameras on a Mac

I wanted to know how to do this, and as usual, with anything video related, all I found were youtube videos. Some times I'd just like to know then answer without watching a video. So this is my effort to explain in simple text.

The scenario is simple. I have two studio monitors, which include camera and mic. I wanted to record on both cameras at once so I could cut from one to the other (see example video here). This was basically an "interview with myself" video. Obviously this could just as easily be multiple web cams. Computer performance is also a concern, and more so if 4k recording.

  1. It seems Final Cut Pro does not record multiple cameras at once, shame.
  2. It seems there are commercial applications that will do this.
  3. OBS can merge multiple cameras in to one virtual camera, but that is not the same and not then easy to make a multi-cam clip. It seems a plug-in may help.
  4. It seems Quicktime Player can record video, but only one camera/mic.

But there is a simple answer: The trick, which I was dead impressed with from this video, was you duplicate your Quicktime Player application. Literally select it in the Applications folder in finder, and select duplicate. You can then run two separate instances of it at once, and set each to record separate camera/mic, start both, and sorted.

Saving both files, you can then load them in to Final Cut and make a multi-cam clip synchronised by mic, edit views, and bingo. And obviously you could put a bit more effort in to is that my example video, but it shows the principle.


  1. Give OBS a try


    I've used it in the past to grab input from a USB webcam and iphone with EpocCam at the same time. Not sure how well it works with 2 of the same sources, may have to place them on different USB/input bridges.

    1. Struggling to make it work on my Mac - it runs but seems to see no cameras.

    2. Just tried it on my MBP with Apple silicon, it picks up the Facetime HD Cam and Logitech USB webcam OK. Previously running on an older Intel Mac.

      Assuming you have updated the Privacy controls to allow OSB to access the camera ?

    3. I thought so, but will check.

    4. However, my understanding is OBS can put multiple cameras on one screen but not actually record multiple independent cameras at full res.

    5. I've only used the basic features for a quick and dirty Twitch stream to be honest.

    6. Yes, my OBS has permissions. Maybe I'll re-install or something. But not really a help for this use case.

  2. OBS can do it, but you need a plugin called Source Record. Once configured, OBS will record each source separately, so not only can you record the multiple cameras, but your desktop or other sources.

    Search for "eposvox obs source record" to see it in action. (I didn't now if links get banned here. :-)


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