Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pashley vs Dutchie

I used to have a Pashley Roadster Classic, and I have just got myself a Dutchie Dapper 3 speed.

Dutchie Dapper 3 speed

They are both black steel framed sensible bikes. They are not racing bikes or mountain bikes - they are comfortable easy to ride street bikes, and I use it to cycle to/from work and station and shops and so on.

So, differences...

1. The Pashley took weeks to arrive, but the Dutchie is next day delivery. +1 for Dutchie.

2. The Pashley is £525, the Dutchie is £329. +1 for Dutchie

3. I paid extra on the Pashley for a hub dynamo and front light, but this is standard on the Dutchie. The Dutchie actually has front and rear lights on the dynamo, with the rear staying on after you stop (LED). The front is a bright halogen light. +1 for Dutchie

4. The brakes are different. The Pashley was hub brakes front and rear - they are softer than conventional brake blocks but consistent wet and dry, and I got used to them. The Dutchie has back-peddle rear brakes and conventional side pull brake blocks on the front. I think I prefer the Pashley, but it is pretty marginal and I expect i will get used to the Dutchie brakes in no time.

5. Saddle. I like the Brooks leather saddle on the Pashley. The Dutchie came with a smaller, less comfortable foam or gel thing. I swapped the saddles, especially as the Brooks is €150 alone! +1 for Pashley.

6. The stand on the Pashley is under the rear wheel, lifting it off the floor and standing the bike upright. The Dutchie has a side stand, so the bike leans. I think the Pashley is better. +1 Pashley.

7. Both have a built in lock on the back wheel.

Overall, I think I prefer the Dutchie, especially as I have now fitted my basket and swapped the saddle over. We'll see how it goes. Now you know what the MD of an ISP drives :-)

P.S. Both are in fact company bikes.


  1. Very nice, I like the Workcycles FR8 personally... A bit more dutch in style!


  2. Are these things easy to lift? I guess it's quite practical having everything built into the bike (lights etc) but I'd be worried about lifting them up and down stairs.

    1. Not light, but I don't usually have to lift it.

  3. Park the old bike on the right:
    Pashley Dutchie on de left hand side. :)

  4. 2nd hand Pashley or second hand Dutchie?Got my eBay eye on both

  5. Hello, I'm looking in to buying a Dutchie Dapper. Are you still enjoying the Dutchie?

    1. Yes, seems good. There is only one slight annoyance - when pulling away I am used to being able to move the peddles to a convenient starting point - with back-peddle brakes you can't do that. Takes a bit of getting used to. Otherwise very happy.

    2. Thanks for replying, time to place an order!

      Thanks again.

  6. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a Dutchie Dapper. How is it holding up for you now? Would you recommend it? I've just purchased a Pashley Sonnet Bliss for the other half and would like a comfortable bike for myself!

  7. Hello - this post provided a really useful comparison for me as I'm currently weighing up a Pashley vs a Dutchie, How has the Dutchie held up since you reviewed it? I've seen one online review suggesting a purchaser had serious set- up and quality issues, and then a poor response from the company which makes me somewhat nervous: have you found any draw-backs? Really appreciate your review, best wishes.