Happy New Year

Well, I'll try and play WoW a bit over the weekend. Maybe try and level. On 73 now...

After that it's all back to work on Monday. Doing new XML interface stuff to our favourite telco this month. That should be fun.

I guess I'll have to dream up some advertising and marketing this year. That will be fun. How to try and attract more technical customers.

Should be an interesting year.

So Happy New Year to all my readers.


  1. I found your views on telcos very interesting when choosing A&A, perhaps they should be spread more widely.

  2. work out a way to give the dealers some incentive, that way you get more customers & less hassle ?

  3. Indeed. But I am not keen on paying out lots of commission. We had plenty of dealers when we paid no commission. People should recommend us not because they get money but because we are good, IMHO. Also, if we had spare money in the pricing to pay commission we could instead just lower prices.

    But I am not any sort of marketing expert!

    Someone suggested we should have a technical test before you can be allowed to be a customer. That would be so crazy it may actually be a good marketing trick :-)

  4. How about bumping up the prices to the hoi-polloi by 10-20% and discounting it back to current prices if they pass the online technical test. Obviously many people would get someone in the know to do it for them but the publicity could be immense.


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