4D printer

Well, I have tried and failed to print a TARDIS a few times, as you can see...

Now it could just be that I still have not quite managed to get the knack of getting the first layer to stick and stay stuck.

Or it could be that it is impossible to print a TARDIS with only a 3D printer. What you need is an extra stepper motor for the 4th dimension. Well, the stepper motor is easy but the plastic part to mount it correctly can only be printed on a 4D printer and I don't know anyone that has one yet :-)

I'll manage it eventually. Getting closer though.


  1. Awesome! I am greatly impressed by the amount of work you are putting in to this.

  2. Ha ha Don't give up , as a male you won't let a little machine get the better of you xxxx

  3. Sounds like you've put plenty of the "fourth" dimension into it already. ;-)

  4. Go fourth and multiply ... models

    Eurgh... sorry


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