World IPv6 Day and nothing broken yet!

Well, today is the day. There has been some odd scaremongering though - with some reports saying that internet access will be turned off [for Ipv4] which is, of course, not true. There have even been scaremongering sales calls by people suggesting there will be some huge IPv6 DDoS. But so far no problems.

Basically, what today is about, is some of the major players all trying out IPv6 at the same time. This not only gets it out of the way in one go which is less disruptive if they do have problems, but also resolves the issue of who jumps first. People like google and facebook making their services work on IPv6 (as well as IPv4) for the day. There are a lot of people doing this from major players to small companies - I spoke to a friend of mine who was just setting up IPv6 access on his web site last night.

But today has been taken on as a focus for attention all about IPv6 and a way to get the message across that things are changing.

At A&A it is pretty much business as usual. Our traffic to google is already IPv6 and IPv4 and has been for a long time, so for one of the major players there is no change at all for us. Having offered IPv6 for 9 years now this really is run of the mill stuff. We already have traffic on LINX reaching 10% IPv6 anyway and today may just be slightly higher if that. Our customers already either have working IPv6 or have IPv4 only and not a broken installation else they would not get to our web site or mail servers, etc, so we do not expect any broken installations failing just because facebook is IPv6 now.

We are shipping an IPv6 configured broadband router and customers have them in their hands today - not sure if any will be on-line today or not.

And if you have a web site with us then you have been IPv6 for many years already - welcome to World IPv6 Day participation.

But, the day is not over yet, and people all over the world are watching and monitoring carefully to make sure things cope as they should.


  1. Cool, sprint.net's IPv6 is 2600::

    And people say IPv6 addresses are too long and hard to remember...

  2. Damn I just had a router delivered by you a few days ago for me. Wish I'd known I'd only have to wait a few days!

  3. Dammit. I refused the free router with my broadband order 2 weeks ago. Can I have a nice IPv6 enabled router to celebrate World IPv6 Day pleeeeeease!? I won't feel like a proper geek until my network is 6 enabled! :)

  4. You would have to sweet talk Glenn for that, and that won't be easy.

  5. Aww come on boss, I've become something of an AAISP evangelist since signing up! I've followed you on twitter (both AAISP and your good self), subscribed to your blog feed and I've just applied for a dealer code. In fact, I think my friends and customers are getting tired of me raving about you!
    Enough arse kissing, all I'm saying is an IPv6 enabled router would be the icing on the cake. :)

  6. How about those of us who've been loyal AAISP customers for years and have never had a free router? A little reward for long service wouldn't come amiss! :-)

  7. Have you got the Billon stable with IPv6, if so which firmware version? Cheers

  8. 1.06d I think
    It is on the billion side.

  9. Thanks, we seem have been experiencing some odd problems. Will do some more testing.

  10. Oh you have new ipv6 routers again? Are you able to sell these to existing customers or are they just for new customers at the moment? I need a new router....

  11. Should be on the web site - and we did a status page too - £115 each (plus postage).


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