Yes, I have managed it. At long last. I have managed to print a thing out of ABS. A pink TARDIS (and why not).

The issues of the last week have been many, and mostly stem from a loose grub screw on the belt drive on the stepper motor. But there have also been issues with the hot bed sliding a little and also the stepper controllers missing (too low torque) or stalling (over temp shutdown). And then there were the fires. Feasible theories for most of them. I have spare controllers now :-)

Today has been almost as fun, but the problems have been in the firmware. Turns out it is almost as special as the hardware. Thankfully an area I am a lot happier tinkering.

I am sure there is plenty of fine tuning that can now be done to make the quality even better, but this is looking pretty good compared to anything I have printed before, so I am reasonably pleased.

Of course there is something of a TARDIS graveyard (and this is not all of them).


  1. A pink TARDIS is just *wrong*! :-)

    Cheers, Howard

  2. "Look at my pink TARDIS"

    "It's, umm, rather small..."

    "No, no. It may look small but trust me it's really much bigger on the inside"


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