But is it art?

For the most part, 3D printing is about practical applications rather than art.

Making sculptures is not easy, and the finish is a tad rough, but it can be done.

This is just the FireBrick F/B logo twist extruded in openscad. It has come out quite nicely, and makes a change from printing TARDISs.

Right now I am printing all sorts, just to see if I do indeed have the machine set up reliably.

It seems I may have to clean out the hot end when I start up, but after that it just works job after job.

Of course the problems just move up a level - I can now print the box and lid I designed for a small PCB and connectors. Issue is now that the design had a tiny join between the "clip" to hold the lid on, and the rest of the lid, and so it just snapped off - I have to think about design issues now I have the printing itself sorted.

Next challenge is ABS, which means a new hot bed that gets a lot hotter than this one. Seems like some combination of aluminium and glass and 25W resistors I expect. That will take a while and I suspect I'll be cleaning up shattered glass at some point.


  1. Sorry Fav Brother-in-law, but it does not look like art to me lol , keep trying though xxx

  2. It's art because you suffered for it.
    Congrats on persevering and getting it to work.

  3. Hey, isn't art all about working with the possibilities and the limitations of the material? Like hiring Ken Adam to design an underwater volcano headquarters for your movie villain, or writing a haiku.

  4. Writing a poem
    in seventeen syllables
    is very diffic !



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