Too hot to handle

OK, given DHL have been shipping my new hot end from Germany to UK since Friday and still not started sending to me in the UK yet, I tried to ad-hoc a new heater for my hot end using some 25W 6R5 resistors.

Good idea in principle and managed to physically assemble and get up to temperature. Yay!

Sadly there is a technical hitch...

190C melts solder.

The wires fell off.

There were sparks.

My hot end is cold again.


P.S. Ouch, fuck, bugger, ouch...


  1. Those terminals look big enough to use crimp connectors on to me...

  2. Which bit of "ad-hoc" makes you think I have crimps?

  3. Anyway DHL have finally shown as in UK. That is Friday to Tuesday in transit Germany to UK, FFS. Not using DHL next time!

  4. If you don't have crimps how do you make firebricks?

  5. Been there, done that. If you've got some terminal blocks sitting around, you can cut off the plastic covering and use the metal inner to connect wires to terminals in a non-heat-sensitive way.

  6. Or try some lead free solder it melts at a much higher temp.

  7. Tried that too. :-)
    Anyway, new hot end is working fine.
    Latest issue is stepper controllers over heating when I try and print ABS.


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