Still no hot end

Still can't print - this is annoying.

I do however have some aluminium. Plan is to make a hot plate around 300mm x 270mm of 8mm aluminium - and fit 25W wire wound resistors in a grid to allow me to heat it to 115C.

I have a feeling it may be too heavy for the stepper motors though.

Now to find someone that can cut 8mm aluminium, as I have 300mm x 500mm sheet here.

What fun this hobby is :-)


  1. Oh FFS, it was a public holiday in Germany yesterday - no wonder my hot end is delayed.

  2. I am still snickering ever time you say "hot end".

  3. http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/06/adding-cooling-fans-to-your-3d-printer-yields-crisper-prints.html


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