One of those days!

Well, it has been a very very odd day.

I code for a living, but today I have managed around a dozen lines of code, and every single one was wrong, and the fix was wrong and the extra debug I added to find the error crashes stuff. It was a disaster. I had suddenly lost the ability to write printf("hello world\n"); without a compiler error.

I have no idea if this was whacky blood sugar or a cold or what. I think I am feeling better now. I do apologise to Peter who suffered from a sub standard service today - normally someone needing a minor code change because of an unexplained issue with some router sending PPP LCP protocol rejects would be a 5 minute job, new release and sorted. This was like a dozen code releases, each more broken than the last and crashing nicely when you have been running for 10 minutes and think it is safe to put customer traffic on it.

That is so not like me, I felt it worth blogging.

Though, I have to say, someone on irc has blamed the fact that I was, of course, sober (I am during the day!).

Anyway, the good news is that, having found the final (I hope) quirk with RADIUS coding at 5am this morning, and fixing it (about 5 times today), I have a stable release being used by customers and working. Yay!

Now, back to the new logo and updating everything...


  1. Coding seems like that sometimes. I spent the whole day yesterday failing to fix a fault. Any design i did just seemed flawed. Maybe it would work but it didn't feel right. And the code changes I made would have failed review if I'd have been given them.

    This morning I scrapped the whole thing and finished the whole task in an hour and this time it's good.

    Your experience seems common to me :)

  2. Do you get up early to code, or was this a case of everyone off to bed and then peace and quiet to get on with it until dawn?


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