Yes, & is a BACS character

BACS allows some specific characters in the coding of BACS transactions, used for payer name, beneficiary reference, etc. It is A-Z, 0-9, . (dot), - (hyphen), / (slash), space, and & (ampersand).

The catch is that & is special in HTML. So needs escaping, obviously.

So I sent a 1p payment to a customer for fun. I sent from AA&REG

This is what he saw:-

Naughty Bank of Scotland.

Oddly, on the CSV download this is "AA AND REG" which is even stranger.

FYI Barclays seemed to escape stuff properly.

Banks still have a lot to learn!


  1. I'd be tempted to try a couple of SQL statements just in case :p

    (then run away very fast if it worked)

  2. Can you name your Account Little Bobbie Tables http://xkcd.com/327/

    1. Sadly there are very few characters, not even a # that could be used to make a unicode reference. So no.


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