Ruckus is quite fast...

Apple AP
Neither is anything like direct wired, but WiFi latency is always going to be a factor and I don't really trust speed tests, but as a relative measure that is quite telling. This was to a MacBook Pro.

It is also fun when you have all those SSIDs...


  1. hehe, spot the leading spaces to force the sort order

    1. Indeed, iThings sort alphabetically, but I do also have "TheForce" as one of the SSIDs off bottom of that list.

  2. The AP with an apostrophe breaks the web interface to the Ruckus, duh!!!

  3. Which Apple AP are you comparing against?

    Please let us know your final conclusion on whether this is a good buy or not! Getting utterly fedup with our Vigor/Apple APs playing up.

  4. Note that adding SSIDs takes up more air time as the SSIDs are transmitted at the broadcast rate, which is typically one of the lowest rates the accesspoint is configured for.

  5. Try it with leas ssids also try iperf or similar to a server on your lan

    what year and model was the MacBook pro?

    depends what's the bottleneck but a dual stream client can go faster than that 160Mbit/s + should be possible providing the ap isn't cpu bound (some cheaper aps appear to be)

  6. Did you conduct any other tests, such as pinging popular websites like Google.co.uk and bbc.co.uk via a wired and then the wifi link? I'd be quite interested to see the difference because an ms as low as 5 on a wifi connection is quite impressive, although it's not your common garden home variety kit :).


  7. I want one of these just so I can create all those different SSID's. How much? Oh... never mind then


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