"Real" Grandad

Well, I was not sure whether to say this or not, and I can't post any of the cool pictures yet (at the request of the parents), but I am now a real Grandad as of yesterday afternoon. Lewis is doing well, though needed antibiotics and is being guarded by Ignis looking over his cot.

This does make me very proud of Jacqueline. One of the few things we can do in life that have an impact in to the future is to have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and continue our "line"...

I say "real" because for some years now I have been a "step Grandad". I don't mean to have a go in any way, or suggest that my step grandson is somehow inferior. It is just a fact that he is not "mine". It is not a fact I can change, or really just ignore. Whatever I do I know that fact. It is, sadly, one of those complex areas of family relationships which are made even more complex by second marriages and step children, half sisters and brothers, half aunts, etc. The problem is that there are, it seems, some level of rules on what one can and cannot say without upsetting one party or another. To be clear, I am not trying to upset anyone. I am, if anything, trying to be "technically correct" (the best kind of correct), and not have a go. Really. There is a small boy that calls me "Grandad" already, and he is cute, and very much my grandson. It is not his fault that he is my wife's grandson and not actually mine, and not a point I would ever try and confuse him with. As far as he is concerned I am "Grandad" and I am happy to be.

So, well done Jacqueline. I say "well done" as it was not easy for her. A week in hospital with typical vagueness of doctors and consultants scaring you and then doing nothing. Comments that he was too big, or lost weight, and all things that make a mum scared shitless. It is not an easy time. She was in labour for over a day, and exhausted, but did not complain. She was brave and strong. It was very nearly a C-section, but not, thankfully. Sandra had her chance to speak her mind to some doctors in Frimley Park - she was not impressed with how they were handling things at all. I did what I could do, which was to keep out of the way and manage to feed myself staying at home. Needless to say I did not get much sleep either.

At the end of the day, it does make me feel a tad older. My parents are finally great-grandparents, which makes them proud, and probably feeling a tad older too.

When I am allowed, I'll post some pictures.


  1. Well done Jacqueline and congratulations to the lot of you!

    You must make a great if not slightly complex Grandad ;-) I hope to have grandchildren one day when I am as old as you but for now, my three boys do me grand.

    Now the first thing you must do, and the first thing I did when my kids were born was to go and register a domain for them.


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