A&A summer barbecue

A&A Staff summer fun day today...

That is how you do a hog roast - www.vintagehogroast.co.uk

We pulled out the A&A bouncy castle (yes, we own one).

The only slightly disappointing thing was the "Giant Games" from carousel windsor. Not that giant, and cost £420 for the day when the games appear to be maybe half that to buy new! Oh well, you live and learn. The kids seem to find them fun enough, though we were tempted to go get a circular saw and some fence posts from Wickes down the road and make a real giant jenga :-)

Of course there are cheaper games the kids really liked - latex gloves and marker pen - genius idea from Lee.


And being A&A, the caffeine was on standby...


  1. So you'll be investing in some fence posts for next year then? I think they do need to be sanded and smooth though, otherwise the surface friction would make it very hard to play Jenga with!


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