Does John Doe not work there any more?

We had not stopped laughing from the first call when they called again for Jane Doe.

First call - wav MP3
Second call - wav MP3

Not sure what else to say...


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    1. Now he is laughing at the picture of himself laughing. I suggest http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2014-08-13/ is appropriate.

  2. Somewhere out there is an *actual* John Doe wondering why nobody ever calls him.

  3. Almost as good as the consultancy in Cambridge with a fake "Guybrush Threepwood" employee on LinkedIn (Specialties: Thievery, Sword Mastery, Treasure Hunter-y). They get calls from recruiters asking for him...

  4. For a long time, my brother was plagued with calls asking for a particular foreign name. Whoever it was, they often got quite exercised about their need to contact whoever that person was! Eventually, he got a new number (useful side effect of switching telcos without porting) which fixed the problem.

    Since it had been a new BT line with a new number, he had no idea who that person was: presumably they'd been the previous user of that number. Whoever kept calling just wouldn't accept that there was nobody of that name living there, though!

    1. We've had a similar problem for the 2 years we've had this number from Virgin Media - Mr.Exton must have been on every calling list known to man....

  5. When my boss at a previous company (NET-TEL) went to trade shows, he used to fill in the registration to get in and the cards for freebies etc. as:

    Henry T. Jantor
    St. Net-Tel The Virgin

    and dear old Henry also had his own email address (this was between 1995 and 2000 so no LinkedIn). He was a popular chap Mr. Jantor, he got loads of physical junk mail and marketing emails.

  6. I just pass people on to my colleague, David Evnull - he never seems to answer the phone but you can leave a message which will be e-mailed to him, or just send him an e-mail directly - our mail format is first initial then surname @...

  7. Ah Alex you appear to employ the brother of our colleague "Bob Slidel" (if you've seen office space...) ...intentionally misspelt surname of course

  8. You should think yourselves lucky they didn't keep calling for other members of the Doe family. Hopefully they had a "Doh!" moment after this...


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