The use of complaining to BT plc?

Alex sent a long and detailed email explaining the problems with a specific (expensive) Ethernet service order to BT and got this in response:

On 01/08/2014 14:24, filippo.xxxxxxxx@openreach.co.uk wrote: 
Your message was deleted without being read on 01 August 2014 13:24:40 UTC.

Not only have they ignored and deleted his email, their mail system was good enough to tell is that is what they did.

Thanks for that BT!

Update: Our new BT account manager (Debby, who replaced Martin), and who was copied on reply to that email notice, may be on the ball. Just got: You'll have a response from Openreach in the next 30 minutes addressing the issues raised in your emails and plan to resolve, I'm keeping in the loop and will assist further where I can.


  1. That is awesome. Out of interest was the email to that particular person, or was it to an address that is probably forwarded to multiple people?

  2. As the late Bob Hoskins used to voice "it's good to talk" - now who did he do that for? :)


  3. The cat sat on the delete key, honest. ;)

  4. It's nice (and IME quite unusual) to get that notification - and I'm impressed by the account manager's 30 minute promise (particularly if they actually deliver on it!)

  5. We did get a prompt response, yes, though it did not really address questions that need answering.

  6. The notification for deleting the email will have been because A&A requested Receipt Notification on the original email (they always do on emails to me) and the correct thing to do when receipt is requested is send the "deleted without being read" notification if that is what happened. Of course, a large number of email clients don't support receipt notifications at all, and those that do usually default to not sending them and very few users turn them on.

    As it happens I have receipts turned on with request in my email client on my PC, so I get asked if I want to send the read receipt. I always send it, I just like to know it's been requested. A&A are the only originators that request it.

    I have no idea what my iPad does, it doesn't ask me if I want to send a receipt. It's possible A&A are getting two receipts for emails to me, once from the iPad over IMAP4 and again when my PC retrieves it for archiving over POP3.

  7. I don't envy your account managers!
    Good on Debbie though :-)


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